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1. Quick Responce, your inquiry will be replied within 12 hours. 15+ Skilled and Professional Sales Engineer with rich product knowledge, fluent spoken language and good email expression make communication simple and efficient. ( Simple , Fast and Good Communication) 2 . 6+ Desingers , help you obtain your goals from idea , within 72 hours you will get your owning design's drawing and proposal. (Design and Research Capacity)
3 .15+ QC + AND 2+ QA to control your project from start to delivery. (Quality Assurance Ability ) 4. 5+ Supplier Chain Experts to help you sourcing premium quality and reasonalbe prices for Caps, lids, boxes, labels. (Supply Chain Conformity)
5. 5+ Project manager to ensure your project goes smoothly and delivery on time. (Fast and On-Time Delivery) 6. 13 production line include IS Manchinery ,8S, 9S Machienry with turnover 380T/Day to meet your bulk order request (Sufficient Production Capacity)